Carnival runs on

M is a powerful carnival management platform designed for mas camps and masqueraders.

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Connect with your masqueraders

M provides a platform for band leaders and administrators to efficiently connect with masqueraders through an e-commerce solution. M collects customer data and provides communication tools to interact with masqueraders throughout their purchasing experience.

Know more about your band

A successful Carnival season depends on having as much information at your fingertips as possible. M gives you insight about the most popular days and times that users buy their costumes, the most popular costumes, and critical inventory information at a glance. Reordering and other inventory management tasks are a breeze with M’s comprehensive reporting tools.

Powerful Reporting

M comes right off the shelf with pre installed reporting modules that help give a clear perspective of where your sales are at any given time of the year. We also continue to develop new reports and we will work with you to customize reports to your specific needs.

Customer Management

The heart of any Carnival band is its masqueraders. Our system allows you to grow your database by capturing as much customer information as you’d like. This information is priceless for future marketing efforts and for providing excellent customer service.

Costume Collection

Our system not only takes transactions on our website and manages your inventory, but it also provides a seamless scanning system. Costume pickup will flow smoothly and efficiently.

Customer Service

Just as the heart of Carnival is the masqueraders, the heart of any successful business is customer service. This is our number one commitment to you, the band administrator. Our team walks with you every step to ensure that your experience working with us is efficient and pleasurable.

On Going Development

We are never satisfied with our current work. Our software is in a continuous state of development. See something you’d like to have added to your solution? Talk with one of our experts and we will develop solutions to fit your needs.

Multiple Payments

M gives your masqueraders the freedom to pay for their costumes in multiple installments. Allow your customers to make a downpayment online then finish payment at the mas camp with cash: all supported under one system.